My wife, Gina, and I are so glad that we chose Ladybug Learning Club as preparation for Elementary School for our twin daughters! Ladybug is such a special place with special people! We decided to give our girls the "gift of time" and had them attend Ladybug for two years of pre-school, and we are so glad we made that decision. We feel that Ladybug has prepared our girls to succeed in Kindergarten this year and in future years. Mrs. Richardson and Mrs. Dunigan are very special teachers who cared greatly for our daughters and they gave them the skills, both academically and socially, to be ready for the challenges during their school years. Our girls left Ladybug knowing their letters and sounds, their shapes and colors, and many sight words that are the building blocks for future reading experiences. Our girls were held accountable for their behavior, but this was done in a loving and Christ-like fashion! We would encourage any parent(s) to enroll their child or children in the very special placed called "Ladybug Learning Club"! Thank you Ladybug staff from the bottom of our hearts. Our girls loved their time at Ladybug and they miss everyone greatly! God bless! - Dave & Gina